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Biology Worthy of Life
An experiment in revivifying biology

From Mechanism to a Science of Qualities

The papers collected here are part of a work in progress by Stephen L. Talbott. They are attempts to describe our reigning (and mostly unconscious) cognitive habits, the limitations of conventional science, and the redirections required for a new, qualitative science. By virtue of its qualitative character, such a science will be holistic and irreducibly ethical (or unethical).

These papers may be periodically revised. I have placed them here in order to invite the most thorough criticism possible. Send any comments you have to stevet@netfuture.org. You can also visit my home page for a much more comprehensive guide to all my writings, or contact me at The Nature Institute, 20 May Hill Road, Ghent NY 12075.

Over-arching Project:
Toward a Biology Worthy of Life

Toward a Biology Worthy of Life

This project has been my central occupation since 2009, and is now the repository for a large amount of very readable material. Its main page is here. Most recently, this project has come to a focus in my work upon a book (now fully drafted) called Organisms and Their Evolution — Agency and Meaning in the Drama of Life. All the chapters of this book are accessible from the book’s table of contents.

The papers listed below are those that were written before I took up Biology Worthy of Life and, for the most part, they are not closely related to that project.

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More relating to the organism:

Some more general and fundamental considerations:

On art, science, qualities, and ethics

Other Related Papers

This document: https://bwo.life/mqual/index.htm

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