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LATEST NEWS — Biology Worthy of Life
Stephen L. Talbott

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The Biology Worthy of Life project of The Nature Institute is not in the business of trying to make news. However, newsworthy bits relating to the project occasionally come along, and here is where we will try to keep interested readers informed. If you have any response to the news items, we would be glad to hear it.

Transcript of my conference talk, and videos of all talks

(August 24, 2021) You will now find a full transcript of my talk at the Linnean Society conference (see next item). Also, videos of all conference talks have now been placed on youtube. See my notes here for all relevant links.

Video of my talk at the Linnean conference, “Evolution ‘On Purpose’

(July 16, 2021) My taped presentation for the online conference sponsored by the Linnean Society of London, “Evolution ‘On Purpose’: Teleonomy in Living Systems”, is now available, along with some very brief comments based on my experience of the conference. It is expected that the Linnean Society will soon make available the videos of all the talks.

Foreign language translations of two resources

(July 13, 2021) There are two new translations on the Nature Institute’s Biology Worthy of Life website:

Upcoming conference: “Evolution ‘On Purpose’: Teleonomy in Living Systems”

(June 11, 2021) I will be participating in an online video conference, sponsored by the venerable Linnean Society of London, to be held June 28 – 29, 2021. Registration is open to the public. You are free to check out:

My talk is scheduled for Tuesday, June 29, at 11am – 11:30am (eastern daylight time), or 3pm – 3:30pm (GMT). The talk is titled “Toward a Thought-Full Teleology: Beyond the Hollow Organism”. All talks will be recorded and made available to registrants by the Linnean Society after the scheduled delivery. The current expectation is that, at some time after the conference, my own talk will be made freely available by The Nature Institute, either as a video recording, or as a written transcript.

This document: https://bwo.life/news/index.htm

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